Contact Problems for Soft, Biological and Bioinspired Materials

Contact Problems for Soft, Biological and Bioinspired Materials

Borodich, Feodor M.; Jin, Xiaoqing

Springer Nature Switzerland AG






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Chapter1. Adhesion of living cells: Mechanisms of adhesion and contact models (F.M. Borodich, B.A. Galanov, L.M. Keer, and M.M. Suarez-Alvarez).- Chapter2. Contact problem in indentation measurements of soft, biological and bioinspired materials. Indentation of soft materials, biological cells (I. Sokolov ).- Chapter 3. Mechanical properties of the cell surface layer measured by contact atomic force microscopy (M. N. Starodubtseva ).- Chapter4. Capillary adhesion effect in contact interaction of soft materials (I.G. Goryacheva, Yu.Yu. Makhovskaya).- Chapter 5. Influence of a soft elastic layer on adhesion of rough surfaces (Q. Li, I.A. Lyashenko, R. Pohrt, V.L. Popov ).- Chapter6. Asymptotic modeling scheme for analysis of bio-inspired fibrillar adhesive interfaces - A short review (I. Argatov ).- Chapter 7. Spreading of red caviar cells: The knife-cell and the cell-cell adhesive interactions (F.M. Borodich and S.N. Gorb ).- Chapter 8. Mechanical characterisation of polymeric materials using nanoindentation (H. Gonabadi, A. Yadav and S. Bull ) .- Chapter 9. Indentation tests of biological materials: Theoretical aspects (X. Jin, P. Li and F.M. Borodich ).- Chapter 10. Contact of sliders with viscoelastic solids (E. Torskaya, F. Stepanov ).- Chapter 11. Characterisation of an AFM tip bluntness using indentation of soft materials (S. Baqain, F.M. Borodich, and E. Brousseau ).- Chapter 12.The JKR formalism in applications to problems of adhesive contact (F.M. Borodich ).
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Contact Mechanics;Bio-material;soft viscoelstic materials;biomimetics;biological systems