Computational and Decision Methods in Economics and Business

Computational and Decision Methods in Economics and Business

Proceedings of the International Workshop "Innovation, Complexity and Uncertainty in Economics and Business"

Gil-Lafuente, Anna Maria; Torres, Agustin; Boria, Josefa; Merigo, Jose M.; Kacprzyk, Janusz

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Preface.- Honorary Committe.- Scientific Committe.- Organizing Committe.- Uncertainty characterizations, typologies and related notions in times of change.- Mexico and the challenges of achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.- Leadership and employees' satisfaction in contemporary organizations.- Design of an Employer Branding model.- Investment evaluation proposal with fuzzy tools. Case Molecular Immunology Center.- Performance Evaluation Procedure based on Fuzzy Mathematics and OWA Operators..- The fit between corporate entrepreneurship and innovation in the organizational performance through SHRM .- Procedure for the selection of international markets. Application in the Cement Business Group of Cuba.- Customer satisfaction at the Roc Presidente Hotel.- The Internationalization in The Learning of The Accounting Profession. Use of The Kahoot As A Teaching Tool for Learning .- An input of fuzzy logic to sustainable tourism: a case from Brazil .- A bibliometric study of key journals in corporate social responsibility.- A bibliometric review of decision models in uncertainty between 1990 and 2018 .- Data Driven Business Model: A Strategy for Transparency in the Sharing Economy. A bibliometric overview .- Application of the Forgotten Effects Theory to the Qualitative Analysis of the Operational Risk Events.- Business Informality: An Application of the Forgotten Effects Model.- Adaptation of grocery stores to the post-COVID-19 environment. The case of Barcelona.- Author Index.
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Computational Methods in Economics and Business;Decision Methods in Economics and Business;Innovation in Economics and Business;Complexity in Economics and Business;Uncertainty in Economics and Business