Computational Fluid Dynamics for Mechanical Engineering

Computational Fluid Dynamics for Mechanical Engineering

Qin, George

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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Chapter 1 Essence of Fluid Dynamics Chapter 2 Finite Difference and Finite Volume Methods Chapter 3 Numerical Schemes Chapter 4 Numerical Algorithms Chapter 5 Navier-Stokes Solution Methods Chapter 6 Unstructured Mesh Chapter 7 Multiphase Flow Chapter 8 Turbulent Flow
Fluid dynamics, microfluidics, fluid-particle dynamics;CFD, Non-Newtonian fluid mechanics, surface coating;Incompressible flow, entropy generation;Fluid-particle dynamics, microfluidics, fluid-structure interactions;Finite element analysis, turbulence, lubrication;Nanoscale fluid mechanics;Finite Difference Method;Finite Difference Equations;Virtual Nodes;Lid Driven Cavity Flow;Time Averaged Velocity Distribution;Momentum Interpolation Method;Control Volumes;Laminar Channel Flow;Gauss Seidel Iteration Methods;Interior Point Solution;Truncation Error;Gauss Seidel Method;Duct Flow;Unstructured Mesh;LU Decomposition Method;Finite Volume Method;Simple Procedure;CG Method;Turbulent Channel Flow;Triangular Mesh;Rectangular Control Volume;Incompressible Flow Simulations;Navier Stokes Equations;Eddy Viscosity;Sip