Characterisation of Areal Surface Texture

Characterisation of Areal Surface Texture

Leach, Richard

Springer International Publishing AG





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Chapter 1. Introduction to surface topography.- Chapter 2. The areal field parameters.- Chapter 3. The areal feature parameters.- Chapter 4. Areal filtering methods.- Chapter 5. Areal form removal.- Chapter 6. Fractal-related multiscale geometric characterisation of topographies.- Chapter 7. Feature-based characterisation of areal surface topography.- Chapter 8. Quantifying surface texture with deep learning on laser treated surfaces.- Chapter 9. In-process automated areal surface measurement.- Chapter 10. The relationship between friction and the areal texture of aggregate particles used in the road surface course.- Chapter 11. Automotive applications - cylinder liners and tool steel polishing for injection moulding of plastic parts.- Chapter 12. Metal powder bed fusion additive manufacturing.- Chapter 13. Inspection of laser structured cams and conrods.
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Optical instrumentation;Surface characterization;Topography measurement;Areal surface;Surface texture;Surface metrology