Carotenoids: Biosynthetic and Biofunctional Approaches

Carotenoids: Biosynthetic and Biofunctional Approaches

Misawa, Norihiko

Springer Verlag, Singapore






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Part I.- Commercial production of astaxanthin by Haematococcus, a green alga.- Commercial production of astaxanthin with Paracoccus carotinifaciens.- Production of carotenoids from cultivated seaweed.- Carotenoid metabolism in aquatic animals.- Carotenoid metabolism in terrestrial animals.- Metabolism of carotenoids in mammals.- Diversity and evolution of carotenoid biosynthesis from prokaryotes to plants.- Engineered maize hybrids with diverse carotenoid profiles and potential applications in animal feeding.- Carotenoid biosynthesis in liverworts.- Metabolic engineeringforcarotenoid productionusing eukaryotic microalgae and prokaryotic cyanobacteria.- Xanthophyllomycesdendrorhous, a versatile platform for the production of carotenoids and other acetyl-CoA derived compounds.- Carotenoid production in oleaginous yeasts.- Haloarchaea: a promising biosource for carotenoid production.- Carotenoid biosynthesis in the phylum Actinobacteria.- When carotenoid biosynthesis genes metEscherichiacoli - the early days and these days.- Pathway engineering using Escherichia colitoproducecommercialized carotenoids.- Carotenoid production in Escherichia coli- Case of acyclic carotenoids.- Fecal microflora from dragonflies and its microorganisms producing carotenoids.- Carotenoid biosynthesis in animals -Case of arthropods.- Part II.- Molecular mechanisms of nonalcholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)/ nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH).- Prevention of NAFLD/NASH by astaxanthin and ?-cryptoxanthin Therapeutic potential of astaxanthin in diabetic kidney disease.- Extensive Bioactivity of Astaxanthin from Haematococcus pluvialis in Human.- ?-Cryptoxanthin from Satsuma mandarin and its multiple functions Health-promoting functions of the marine carotenoid fucoxanthin.- Biological activities of paprika carotenoids, capsanthin and capsorubin.
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Carotenoid biosynthesis;Astaxanthin;?-cryptoxanthin;Fucoxanthin;Paprika carotenoids;Capsanthin;Capsorubin;Proteobacteria;Functional food;Food chemistry;Anti-oxidative effect;Natural products;Carotenogenic