Business Analytics for Professionals

Business Analytics for Professionals

Ustundag, Alp; Cevikcan, Emre; Beyca, Omer Faruk

Springer Nature Switzerland AG






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PART I: TBA.- Chapter 1. Business Analytics for Managers.- Chapter 2. Big Data Management and Technologies.- Chapter 3. Descriptive Analytics: Feature Engineering & Data Visualization.- Chapter 4. Predictive Analytics with Machine Learning.- Chapter 5. Neural Networks and Deep Learning.- Chapter 6. Handling Unstructured Data: Text Analytics and Image Analysis.- Chapter 7. Prescriptive Analytics: Optimization and Modelling.- ?PART II: TBA.- Chapter 8. Supply Chain Analytics.- Chapter 9. CRM & Marketing Analytics.- Chapter 10. Financial Analytics.- Chapter 11. Human Resources Analytics.- Chapter 12. Manufacturing Analytics.
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Business Analytics;Data Science;Intelligent Automation;Big Data;Machine Learning