Building and Probing Small for Mechanics

Building and Probing Small for Mechanics

Joachim, Christian

Springer Nature Switzerland AG






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Introduction: from the Anthycytera astronomical clock to molecular machinery.- From the Pascaline to a 5-digits metallic and planar miniature mechanical calculator 1 cm in lateral size.- Photo-microlithography fabrication of the parts of a micro-mechanical calculator.- Fabricating solid state gears at the nanoscale.- Prototypes of molecular gears with an organometallic piano-stool architecture.- Design and synthesis of a nano-winch.- Chemical anchoring of molecular rotors.- Anchoring molecular rotors by on-surface synthesis.- Transmission of Rotational Motion between Molecule-Gears.- A simple train of PF3 molecule-gears and its mechanics.- Modelling of Molecule-Scale Single Gears and Gear Trains.- Rotation of Adsorbed molecules induced by tunneling electrons.- Motion and Nanomechanical effects in Supramolecular Catalysts.- Five minutes in the life of a molecular shuttle: near-equilibrium measurements of shuttling dynamics with optical tweezers
microscale mechanical calculators;solid state gears;molecular motors;molecular rotors;Manipulation of Single-molecules