Brain and Cognitive Intelligence

Brain and Cognitive Intelligence

Control in Robotics

Wei, Bin

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1. RRT-QX: Real-Time Kinodynamic Motion Planning in Dynamic Environments with Continuous-Time Reinforcement Learning 2. An Ultrasound-Guided Mechatronics-Assisted System for Semi-Automated Seed Implantation and Tracking in Prostate Brachytherapy 3. Team Cognition Assessment: From Concept to Practice 4. How to Make Sure That Robot Behavior Is Human-Like 5. Embodied 3D Neaural Tissue Cultures for Cognitive Research
Neuroscience;Nervous system;Learning;AI;Human-robot interaction;Finite Horizon Optimal Control Problem;Infinite Horizon Optimal Control Problem;Needle Tip;RRT;Organotypic Slice Cultures;Needle Steering;Team Cognition;Rotation Depths;Needle Insertion;Continuous Time Linear Time Invariant System;Prostate Brachytherapy;Obstacle Space;Unit Eigenvectors;Seed Implantation;Anticipatory Movements;Measure Team Cognition;Linear Time Invariant;Needle Deflection;Surgical Team;Sensory Feedback;Seed Implant;Seed Deposition;Needle Shaft;Estimation Error Dynamics;Dyad Team