Production and Utilization-Processes, Technologies, and Economics

Kosaric, Naim; Sukan, Fazilet Vardar

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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Section I Production. Types and Classification of Microbial Surfactants. Sophorolipids: Microbial Synthesis and Application. Biosurfactants versus Chemically Synthesized Surface-Active Agents. Biosurfactants Produced by Genetically Manipulated Microorganisms: Challenges and Opportunities. Production of Biosurfactants from Nonpathogenic Bacteria. The Prospects for the Production of Rhamnolipids on Renewable Resources: Evaluation of Novel Feedstocks and Perspectives of Strain Engineering. Utilization of Palm Sludge for Biosurfactant Production. Bioreactors for the Production of Biosurfactants. Purification of Biosurfactants. Cost Analysis of Biosurfactant Production from a Scientist's Perspective. Section II Applications. Patents on Biosurfactants and Future Trends. Industrial Applications of Biosurfactants. Biological Applications of Biosurfactants and Strategies to Potentiate Commercial Production. Perspectives on Using Biosurfactants in Food Industry. Biosurfactant Applications in Agriculture. Biosurfactants and Soil Bioremediation. Biosurfactant Use in Heavy Metal Removal from Industrial Effluents and Contaminated Sites. Index.
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Biosurfactant Produced;Rhamnolipid Production;production;Foam Fractionation;rhamnolipid;MEL;candida;Sophorolipid Produced;bombicola;Lipopeptide Biosurfactant;fatty;Chemical Surfactants;acid;Microbial Surfactants;foam;Rhamnolipid Biosynthesis;fractionation;Non-ribosomal Peptide Synthetases;lipopeptide;Microbial Biosurfactants;enhanced;Acinetobacter Calcoaceticus;Acidic Sophorolipids;Soap Stock;Lactonic Sophorolipids;Bacillus Subtilis;Biolm Formation;ISR;CLPs;Biosurfactants Rhamnolipid;Situ Bioremediation;Cassava Wastewater;Enhanced Oil Recovery;Candida Bombicola;Alkyl Polyglycosides