Okoye, Patrick Ugochukwu; Kolisnychenko, Stanislav; Okolie, Jude A.

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Chapter 1: Biomass Pre-Treatment Technologies
Torrefaction of Empty Fruit Bunch as Fibrous Biomass Pre-Treatment
Upgrading Bagasse Quality by Torrefaction for a Biomass Power Plant
Experimental Investigation of the Performance of a Spouted Bed Dryer for Biomass: Drying Kinetics and Energy Evaluation
Effect of Electron Beam Irradiation and Ionic Liquid Combined Pretreatment Method on Various Lignocellulosic Biomass
Combining Wet Rendering with Torrefaction to Improve the Fuel Characteristics of Biochar from Food Waste
Chapter 2: Biomass Pyrolysis
Bio-Oil Characterizations of Spirulina Platensis Residue (SPR) Pyrolysis Products for Renewable Energy Development
Influence of Natural and H-Beta Zeolites on Yield and Composition of Non-Polar Fraction of Bio-Oil in Slow Co-Pyrolysis of Biomass and Polypropylene
Utilization of Casuarina montana Pruning Waste Biomass as Chemical or Energy Resources
Catalytic Intermediate Pyrolysis of Cellulose for Hydrocarbons Production in the Presence of Zeolites by Using TGA-FTIR Method
Effect of Acidic Activated Natural Zeolite on Characteristics of Bio Oil Derived from Pinus Merkusii's Cone Pyrolysis

In Situ Pyrolysis of Pine Flowers to Produce Bio-Oil: Effect of Temperature and Catalyst Treatment
Pyrolysis of Sugarcane Bagasse: The Effects of Process Parameters on the Product Yields
An Investigation on the Interaction between Biomass and Coal during their Co-Pyrolysis
Aspen Plus Simulation of Bio-Char Production from a Biomass-Based Slow Pyrolysis Process
Thermo Distillation and Characterization of Bio Oil from Fast Pyrolysis of Palm Kernel Shell (PKS)
Catalytic Cracking of Oleic Acid over Zeolites
Chapter 3: Biomass Gasification
Utilization of Tea Tree Branches as a Source of Thermal Energy
Gasification of Oil Palm Shells and Empty Fruit Bunches to Produce Gas Fuel
Potential Application of Sago Pulp Briquette for Electricity Generation Using Gasification Technology in Papua Province, Indonesia
Chapter 4: Biomass Liquefaction
Production of Bio-Crude Oil from Microalgae Chlorella sp. Using Hydrothermal Liquefaction Process
Chapter 5: Biodiesel Synthesis
Reusability of the Deep Eutectic Solvent - Novozym 435 (R) Enzymes System in Transesterification from Degumming Palm Oil
Evaluation of Catalysts Mordenite and MoO3/Mordenite in the Production of Biodiesel
Characterization and Application of Catalysts Hard Green Clay and MoO3/ Hard Green Clay in Transesterification Reaction of Soybean Oil
Chrom/Nanocomposite ZrO2- Pillared Bentonite Catalyst for Castor Oil (Ricinus communis) Hydrocracking
Optimization of Biodiesel Production from Used Cooking Oil: Aspen HYSYS Simulation and Experimental Validation
Gas Chromatography and Fourier Transform Infrared Analysis of Biodiesel from Used and Unused Palm Olein Oil
Kinetic Study of Catalytic Hydrocracking Ceiba Pentandra Oil to Liquid Fuels over Nickel-Molybdenum/HZSM-5
Lipase Acrylic Resin Catalyzed Interesterification of Sewage Sludge in Micro Packed Bed Reactor: Box-Behnken Design
Rapeseed Oil Interesterification Reaction with Metylacetate in the Presence of BuOK/BuOH at Different Temperatures
Analysis of Products Obtained in Chemical Interesterification of Rapeseed Oil with Methyl Formate

Turritella terebra Shell Synthesized Calcium Oxide Catalyst for Biodiesel Production from Chicken Fat
Enhanced Biodiesel and Ethyl Levulinate Production from Rice Bran through Non Catalytic In Situ Transesterification under Subcritical Water Ethanol Mixture
Biodiesel Synthesis from Used Cooking Oil Using Red Mud as Heterogeneous Catalyst
Biofuel Production from Jatropha Bio-Oil Derived Fast Pyrolysis: Effect of Catalysts Supported
The Use of Super Base CaO from Eggshells as a Catalyst in the Process of Biodiesel Production
The Production of Biodiesel from Waste Cooking Oil (Simultaneous Esterification and Transesterification Using Fe/Zeolite Catalysts from Waste Geothermal)
Synthesis of CaO@CoFe2O4 Nanoparticles and its Application as a Catalyst for Biodiesel Production from Used Cooking Oil
Synthesis of Methyl Ester from Rice Bran Oil through the Esterification Reaction
Study of the Feasibility of Biodiesel Production, from Vegetable Oils and Catalysts of Seafood Residues, in a Batch Hydrogenation Reaction Unit, Assisted by Microwave and Conventional Heating
Utilization of Modified Coal Fly Ash (CFA) as a Catalyst for Production of Biodiesel from Coconut Oil: Part 1 - Characteristics of the Catalyst
CaO/Natural Dolomite as a Heterogeneous Catalyst for Biodiesel Production
The Synthesis of Polyethersulfone (PES) Derivatives for the Immobilization of Lipase Enzyme
Utilization of Silica from Indonesian Solid Wastes as Catalyst Materials
Transesterification of Kapok Seed Oil (Ceiba pentandra) Using Heterogeneous Catalyst Bimetallic Oxide of Zinc and Copper Supported by ?-Alumina
Transesterification Catalytic Performance of Mechanically Alloyed Eggshell Ash, Magnesium and Aluminum Oxides for Sustainable Biodiesel Production
Study of the Use of Mamasa Natural Zeolite which is Activated by Acid as a Catalyst for Cracking Palm Oil Methyl Esters
Preparation of Monometallic Catalysts on Carbon Support for Synthesis of Biodiesel Fuel
Impact of Pulsed Electric Field on Glycerin Sedimentation from Biodiesel Production Process
Chapter 6: Bioethanol Synthesis
Effect of Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation (SSF) Time on Ethanol Production from Spent Medium of Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus)
A Novel Immobilization Method of Saccharomyces cerevisiae on Fermentation of Nipa Palm Sap for Fuel Grade Bioethanol Production
Alternative Energy from Fresh Water Weed, Hydrilla verticillata
Production of Bio-Ethanol via Hydrolysis and Fermentation Using Cassava Peel and Used Newspaper as Raw Materials
The Effect of Mixed Culture of Zymomonasmobilis and Pichia stipitis in Ethanol Production of Sugar Palm (Arenga pinnata)
Chapter 7: Biogas Synthesis
Enhancement of Biogas Production in Anaerobic Digestion from Sludge of Dairy Waste with Fixed Bed Reactor by Using Natural Zeolite
Bioconversion of Dried Leaves from Algerian Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) to Biogas by Anaerobic Digestion
Hydrogen Sulfide Separation from Biogas Using Laterite Soil Adsorbent
Hydrogen Sulfide Removal by Iron Oxide-Based Clay from Biogas for Community Use
Evaluation of Biogas Production from Bio-Digestion of Organic Wastes
Performance of Activated Carbon Made from Gigantochloa verticillata Bamboo for Biogas Purification
Chapter 8: By-Product Processing Technologies
Triacetin Synthesis as Bio-Additive from Glycerol Using Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysts
Synthesis of Zeolite Catalyst from Geothermal Solid Waste for Crude Glycerol Dehydration to Acrolein
Triacetin Production by Selective Esterification of Glycerol over Activated Zeolite and Lewatite as Catalyst
Esterification of Glycerol with Acetic Acid in Bioadditive Triacetin with Fe2O3/Activated Carbon Catalyst
Chapter 9: Analysis of the Exploitative Efficiency of Biofuel
Feasibility of Studying Fuel Mixer Design for High Power Engines Using Completely Biogas
A Study on Bio-Diesel and Jet Fuel Blending for the Production of Renewable Aviation Fuel
Study of Performance, Combustion and Emission Characteristics of DI Diesel Engine Fuelled with Neem Biodiesel with Carbon Nano Tube as Additive
Effect of Titanium Dioxide (Tio2) Nano-Fluid on Performance and Emission Features of a Diesel Engine Operated on Aphanizomenon Flos Biodiesel-Diesel Blend
Combustion Characteristics of Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Fueled with Blends of Thumba Biodiesel as an Alternative Fuel
The Explosion Severity of Biogas(CH4-CO2)/Air Mixtures in a Closed Vessel
Experimental Studies of Biogas in a Single Cylinder Diesel Engine by Dual Fuel Mode of Operation
Performance of a Diesel Engine Fuelled with Nanoparticle Blended Biodiesel
Experimental Study of Ignition and Combustion Characteristics of Mixed Rice Straw and Sewage Sludge Solid and Hollow Spherical Pellets in a Plasma Combustion System
Performance Analysis of Pongamia Biodiesel as an Alternative Fuel for CI Engine
The Effect of Biodiesel Composition on Characteristics of Blended Summer Diesel Fuel
Chapter 10: Compatibility of Biofuel and Exploitative Equipment
Study of Corrosion of AA 3003 Aluminum in Biodiesel, Diesel, Ethanol and Gasoline Media
Study on the Effect of Si-Al Components in Pulverized Coal Ash on Corrosion in Heating Surface of Biomass Boiler
Effect of Additives on Ash Corrosion on Heat Exchanging Surface of Biomass Boilers
Dynamic Matrix Control of a Reactive Distillation Process for Biodiesel Production
Continuous Methyl Ester Production Process from Refined Palm Oil Using 3D-Printed Static Mixers
Compatibility of Palm Biodiesel Blends on the Existing Elastomer Fuel Hose in Diesel Engine with Approach of Dynamic Test Rig: A Concept Study
Chapter 11: Engineering Management of Biofuel Production
A Lifecycle Sustainability Assessment of CO2 Emissions, Energy Consumption and Social Aspects of Methylic and Ethylic Biodiesel Using Principal Component Analysis
Water and Power Consumption, Ethanol Production and CO2 Emissions: High-Scale Sugarcane-Based Biorefinery Toward Neutrality in Carbon
Hybrid Approach for Optimizing Process Parameters in Biodiesel Production from Palm Oil
Prospects for the Development of Green Gasoline and Green Diesel from Crude Palm Oil in Indonesia
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