Biocontrol of Plant Diseases by Bacillus subtilis

Biocontrol of Plant Diseases by Bacillus subtilis

Basic and Practical Applications

Shoda, Makoto

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Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 In Vitro Selection of B. subtilis as a Candidate of Biocontrol Agent and Characterization of Suppressive Products

Chapter 3 In Vivo Plant Tests

Chapter 4 Stability of B. subtilis and Its Derivative Strains in Soil

Chapter 5 Development of Transformation Methods of B. subtilis and Cloning of Genes Responsible for Biosynthesis of Lipopeptide Antibiotics

Chapter 6 Genetic Analysis of B. subtilis Related with Production of Three Peptide Substances

Chapter 7 Optimization Study of Production of Antifungal Substances and Spores in Submerged Fermentation (SmF) or in Solid-State Fermentation (SSF)

Chapter 8 Surfactin Production and Plasmid Stability

Chapter 9 Co-Use of B. subtilis with Chemical Pesticide

Chapter 10 Mixed Culture Effect on Biocontrol

Chapter 11 Practical Application of B. subtilis in Fruit Gardens for Biocontrol of Diseases

Chapter 12 Conclusions
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