Beyond Algorithms

Beyond Algorithms

Delivering AI for Business

Porter, David; Luke, James; Santhanam, Padmanabhan

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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Authors. Acknowledgements. PROLOGUE. Chapter 1 Why This Book? Chapter 2 Building Applications. Chapter 3 It's Not Just the Algorithms, Really! Chapter 4 Know Where to Start - Select the Right Project. Chapter 5 Business Value and Impact. Chapter 6 Ensuring It Works - How Do You Know? Chapter 7 It's All about the Data. Chapter 8 How Hard Can It Be? Chapter 9 Getting Your Priorities Right. Chapter 10 Some (Not So) Boring Stuff. Chapter 11 The Future. EPILOGUE. INDEX.
artificial intelligence;Data;engineering;Business value;technical deep dives;AI Project;Business Processes;Ai Model;CTO;IBM Research;Business Case;Domain Applicability;GDPR.;AI System;Training Data;Surgical Training Simulator;Data Science Skills;Monte Carlo Tree Search;Enterprise Setting;Smart Phones;Ml Model;Ml Algorithm;Ai Technology;Supervise Ml;Decision Diagram;AI Algorithm;Ml System;Data Sets;AI Engineer