Aryl Diazonium Salts and Related Compounds

Aryl Diazonium Salts and Related Compounds

Surface Chemistry and Applications

Chehimi, Mohamed M.; Pinson, Jean; Mousli, Fatima

Springer International Publishing AG






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Principle, general features and scope of the reaction, recent advances, future prospects.- Structures, stability, and safety of diazonium salts.- Kinetics and mechanisms of aryldiazonium ions in aqueous solutions.- Iodonium salts as reagents for surface modification: from preparation to reactivity in surface-assisted transformations.- Control of the aryl layer growth.- Grafting of aryl radicals onto surfaces - a DFT study.- Modification of sp (2) carbon allotropes with diazonium salts - Focus on carbon nanotubes functionalization.- Covalent modification of graphite and graphene using diazonium chemistry.- Aryldiazonium Tetrachloroaurate(III) Salts: Synthesis, Structure, and Fundamental Applications.- Modification and uses of synthetic and biobased polymeric materials.- Surface modification of plasmonic nanomaterials with aryl diazonium salts.- Diazonium electroreduction and molecular electronics.- Modification of surfaces with calix[4]arene diazonium salts.- Diazonium salts and related compounds for biomedical applications.- On the use of diazonium salts in the design of catalytic hybrid materials and coatings.- Aryldiazonium Salts as Photoinitiators for Cationic and Free Radical Polymerizations.- Polymer surface science and adhesion using diazonium chemistry.- Diazonium-modification of plasmonic surfaces formed by laser ablation.- Diazonium salts and the related compounds for the design of biosensors.- Reinforced polymers: the emerging role of diazonium modification of fillers.- Diazonium salts for the preparation of carbon composites with a focus on applications of carbon fibers.- Diazonium salts and related compounds in electrochemical energy storage and conversion.- Recent patents and industrial applications.
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Diazonium salts;Diazonium related compounds;Surface modification;Thin films and composites;Nanoscience and nanotechnology