Applied Mycology

Applied Mycology

Entrepreneurship with Fungi

Shukla, Amritesh Chandra

Springer Nature Switzerland AG






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Preface.- Marine Microbial Enzymes and Their Applications.- Mycoparasitism.- Yeast in Entrepreneurship.- The Edible and Medicinal Fungi.- Mushrooms in Enzyme Production.- Fungal Proteins with Biotechnology Potential.- Microbased Biorefinery for Gold Nanoparticle Production.- Mushrooms as Potential Sources of Entrepreneurships.- Lignocellulosic Biomass and Conversion into Biofuels.- Trichoderma as Potential Biofungicidal and Plant Growth Promoter.- Myco-Metabolites and Their Applications.- Natural Products of Endophytic Fungi and Their Applications.- Fungi as Sources of Biobased Fiber Materials.- Fungal Consortium for Organic Municipal Solid Waste Composting.- Fungal Applications in Biomass to Biorefineries.- Bioengineering Tools for the Production of Pharmaceuticals.- Fungal Metabolites as Sources of Medicines and Dietary Supplements.- Fungi as a Biocontrol Agent.- Bio-Prospects of Fungal Endophytes.- Value-Added Products of Mushrooms.- Index.
Microbial Biotechnology;Agricultural Mycology;Medical Mycology;Industrial Biotechnology;Food Technology;Mushroom Technology;Entrepreneurship