Angular 8 for Enterprise-Ready Web Applications -

Angular 8 for Enterprise-Ready Web Applications -

Build and deliver production-grade and evergreen Angular apps at cloud-scale

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Table of Contents Introduction to Angular and Its Concepts Setting Up Your Development Environment Creating a Basic Angular App Automated Testing, CI, and Release to Production Delivering High-Quality UX with Material Forms, Observables, and Subjects Creating A Router-First Line-Of-Business App Designing Authentication and Authorization DevOps Using Docker RESTful APIs and Full Stack Implementation Recipes - Reusability, Routing, and Caching Recipes - Master/Detail, Data Tables, and NgRx Highly Available Cloud Infrastructure on AWS Google Analytics and Advanced Cloud Ops Appendix A - Debugging Angular Appendix B - Angular Cheat Sheet Bonus Chapter: Appendix C - Keeping Angular and Tools Evergreen Bonus Chapter: Appendix D - Self-Assessment Answers
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Angular;RxJS Angular;Ngrx Angular;Node.js;typescript;Docker;REST