Alternative Energy Resources in the MENA Region

Alternative Energy Resources in the MENA Region

Zerrouki, Djamal; Henni, Abdellah; Negm, Abdelazim

Springer International Publishing AG





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Chapter 1 Introduction to Energy Resources in the MENA Region.- Part I Solar energy.- Chapter 2 An Analysis of Hydrogen Production from Renewable and Sustainable Energy Resources in Algeria.- Chapter 3 High Penetration of Solar Energy to the Algerian Electricity System in the Context of an Energy Roadmap Toward a Sustainable Energy Paradigm by 2030.- Chapter 4 Alternative Energy Resources in MENA Regions with a Focus on the Thermal Energy Storage (TES).- Chapter 5 Solar energy in the United Arab Emirates.- Chapter 6 Promotion of Solar Energies in Southern Algeria Strategies and Perspectives.- Part II Wind energy.- Chapter 7 An Assessment of Wind Energy Potential as an Electricity Generation Source in Iran.- Chapter 8 Wind and Solar Energy Resources in Morocco: Current Status and Assessment up to 2050.- Chapter 9 Status and Future Prospects of Wind Energy in Oman.- Chapter 10 Contribution of Renewable Energy in Algeria.- Chapter 11 Evaluation of the Wind Energy Potential sin Morocco.- Part III Geothermal and Biomass Energy.- Chapter 12 Biomass Electricity Generation in a Fully Renewable Power Sector of Africa: Viable Technologies, Opportunities, Barriers, and Policy Regulation.- Chapter 13 Solar Photovoltaic Thermal Collector as a Cogeneration Energy System: Conception and Recent Development in the Mediterranean Region.- Chapter 14 Assessment and Contribution of Biomass Residues to Renewable Energy Resources in Egypt.- Chapter 15 Hydrogeology of Geothermal Water Sources in Lebanon as an Alternative Energy Source.- Chapter 16 Geothermal Energy Resources in Jordan.- Part IV The experiences from developed countries.- Chapter 17 Current and Potential of Forestry Biomass Energy in China.- Chapter 18 Biotransformation of Lignocellulosic-Based Biomass Waste into Value-Added Energy Products.- Chapter 19 An Assessment of Renewable Energy Resources for Electricity Generation in Turkey.- Chapter 20 Conclusions and Recommendations for Renewable Energy Resources in the MENA Region.
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Renewable Energy in Middle East;Renewable Energy in North Africa;Hydrogen Production from Solar Energy;Wind Energy;Biomass Energy;Geothermal Water;CO2 Emissions;Forestry Biomass Energy;Biomass Waste Valorization;Biofuels;Energy Management;Solar Cells