Agricultural Biotechnology: Latest Research and Trends

Agricultural Biotechnology: Latest Research and Trends

Kumar Thakur, Ajay; Kumar, Pankaj; Kumar Srivastava, Dinesh

Springer Verlag, Singapore






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?Chapter 1. Commercial micropropagation of some economically important crops.- Chapter 2. Clonal propagation, a tested technique for increasing productivity: A review of bamboos, eucalyptus and chirpine.- Chapter 3. In vitro production of medicinal compounds from endangered and commercially important medicinal plants.- Chapter 4. Double haploid production and its applications in crop improvement.- Chapter 5. Encapsulation technology: an assessment of its role in in vitro conservation of medicinal and threatened plant species.- Chapter 6. Somaclonal Variation in Improvement of Agricultural Crops: Recent Progress.- Chapter 7. Genetic fidelity studies for testing true to type plants in some horticultural and medicinal crops using molecular markers.- Chapter 8. Callus culture approach towards production of plant secondary metabolites.- Chapter 9. Transgenic implications for biotic and abiotic stress tolerancein agricultural crops.- Chapter 10. Production of marker-free transgenic plants.- Chapter 11. Recent progress in cereals biofortification to alleviate malnutrition in India - An overview.- Chapter 12. Potential and perspective of plant proteinase inhibitor genes in genetic improvement of economically important crops.- Chapter 13. Global Status of Genetically Modified Crops.- Chapter 14. Organic GMOs: Combining ancient wisdom with modern biotechnology.- Chapter 15. Genomics in crop improvement: Potential applications, challenges and future prospects.- Chapter 16. Proteomic Approaches to Understand Plant Response to Abiotic Stresses.- Chapter 17. Plant Metabolomics for Crop Improvement.- Chapter 18. New generation plant phenomics applications for next-generation agricultural practices.- Chapter 19. RNA interference technology as a novel and potential alternative for plant improvement.- Chapter 20. miRNA-mediated regulation of bioticand abiotic stress responses in plants.- Chapter 21. The role of nano-fertilizers in smart agriculture: an effective approach to increase nutrient use efficiency.- Chapter 22. Shifting paradigm towards the crops: From model plants to crops and employing the genome engineering to target traits.- Chapter 23. QTLS and gene tagging in crop plants.- Chapter 24. Nanotechnology and Robotics: The twin drivers of agriculture in future.- Chapter 25. Hydroponic and aeroponic cultivation of economically important crops for production of quality biomass.- Chapter 26. Amaranth, Buckwheat and Chenopodium: The ABC Nutraceuticals of North-Western Himalayas.- Chapter 27. Application of plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) in crop productivity improvement and sustainable agriculture.- Chapter 28. Mushroom Biology and advances.- Chapter 29. Enzymes and Microbes in Agro-processing.- Chapter 30. Application of Bioinformatics in crop improvement.-
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Biotechnology;transgenic plants;genomics;phenomics;marker-assisted selection