Advancing Resilient Performance

Advancing Resilient Performance

Nemeth, Christopher P.; Hollnagel, Erik

Springer Nature Switzerland AG






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From Resilience Engineering to Resilient Performance.- Development of Resilience Engineering on Worksites.- Fatigue Risk Management System as a practical approach to improve resilience in 24/7 operations.- Using the Resilience Assessment Grid to Analyse and Improve Organisational Resilience of a Hospital Ward.- Learning from Everyday Work: Making organisations Safer by Supporting Staff in Sharing Lessons about Their Everyday Trade-offs and Adaptations.- Reflections on the Experience of Introducing a New Learning Tool in Hospital Settings.- Resilient Performance in Aviation.- Assessing the impacts of ship automation using the Functional Resonance Analysis Method.- A Methodological Framework for Assessing and Improving the Capacity to Respond to the Diversity of Situations that May Arise.- Addressing structural secrecy as a way of nurturing resilient performance.- The 2nd Step: Surprise Is Inevitable. Now What?.- Epilogue: Quo Vadis?
Resilience;systems engineering;Safety;Resilience engineering;Reliability;Robustness;Resilience assessment grid (RAG);Efficiency-thoroughness tradeoff (ETTO);Functional resonance assessment method (FRAM)