Advances in Plant Microbiome and Sustainable Agriculture

Advances in Plant Microbiome and Sustainable Agriculture

Functional Annotation and Future Challenges

Rastegari, Ali Asghar; Yadav, Neelam; Yadav, Ajar Nath; Kour, Divjot

Springer Verlag, Singapore






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Chapter 1. Phosphorus Solubilization and Mobilization: Mechanisms, Current Developments and Future Challenge.- Chapter 2. Potassium Solubilization and Mobilization: Functional Impact on Plant Growth for Sustainable Agriculture.- Chapter 3. Zinc Solubilization and Mobilization: A Promising Approach for Cereals Biofortification.- Chapter 4. Microbial ACC-deaminase attributes: perspectives and applications in stress agriculture.- Chapter 5. Plant Microbiomes with Phytohormones Attribute for Plant Growth and Adaptation under the Stress Conditions.- Chapter 6. Mechanisms of Plant Growth Promotion and Functional Annotation in Mitigation of Abiotic Stress.- Chapter 7. Microbiomes Associated with Plant Growing Under the Hypersaline Habitats and Mitigation of Salt Stress.- Chapter 8. Alleviation of Cold Stress by Psychrotrophic Microbes.- Chapter 9. Microbes-Mediated Mitigation of Drought Stress in Plants: Recent Trends and Future Challenges.- Chapter 10. Microbial Consortium with Multifunctional Plant Growth Promoting Attributes: Future Perspective in Agriculture.- Chapter 11. Cyanobacteria as Biofertilizers: Current Research, Commercial Aspects, and Future Challenges.
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Bioresources;Biotechnological application;Crop improvements;Plant growth promotion;Plant microbiomes