Advances in Manufacturing Processes

Advances in Manufacturing Processes

Select Proceedings of RAM 2020

Nedelcu, Dumitru; Dave, Harshit K.

Springer Verlag, Singapore






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Chapter 1. Proficiency of electrical discharge machining in fabrication of microstructures.- Chapter 2. Experimental Study of Effect of Machining Parameters on PMMA in Diamond Turning.- Chapter 3. A Comparative Study of Electro Discharge Drilling Process using Solid and Tubular Electrodes.- Chapter 4.Optimization of Process Variables in Plasma Arc Machining of Inconel 718 Alloy Using Taguchi With Grey Relational Analysis.- Chapter 5. Optimization of WEDM Process Parameters For Aluminium Metal Matrix Material Al+SiC Using MCDM Methods.- Chapter 6. Multiple Parameter Optimization by Wire Electro Chemical Discharge Machining Process on Quartz Glass.- Chapter 7. Effect of Process Parameters on Etch Depth of Aluminium Material in Photo Chemical Machining.- Chapter 8. Quartz Micro-Machining Using Wire-Electrochemical Spark Machining Process.- Chapter 9. Stress Relaxation Study of Ultrafine-Grained AA 6061 Alloy Processed through Combined Constrained Groove Pressing and Cold Rolling.- Chapter 10. Effect of Friction Stir Welding Process Parameters on Tensile Strength and Forming Height of Tailor Welded Blanks.
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Advanced Machining and Fabrication process;Additive Manufacturing;Micro/Nano Manufacturing;Advanced Manufacturing;Smart Manufacturing;Sustainable Manufacturing;Chemical/biochemical Manufacturing;Laser technology;AI applications;Design, Simulation and Modelling of Manufacturing process;Industrial Engineering;Industry 4.0;RAM 2020