Advances in Electromechanical Technologies

Advances in Electromechanical Technologies

Select Proceedings of TEMT 2019

Garg, S. K.; Pandey, V. C.; Pandey, P. M.

Springer Verlag, Singapore






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Optimization of Energy-Aware Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem Using VNS Based GA Approach.- Optimizing the Conveyor Belt Speed of a Bright Annealing Furnace.- FGM plates with Circular Cut-out Analysis Resting on Elastic Foundations and in Thermomechanical Loading Environments.- Benchmarking the Integration of Industry 4.0 into the National Policies at Asia.- Exergy Analysis of Novel Combined Absorption Refrigeration System.- Geothermal Energy: An Effective Resource Toward Sustainability
Automation and control;Computational Mechanics / FEM Modelling And Simulation;Computer-based Manufacturing Technologies;Heat and mass transfer;Fluid mechanics and combustion;Composites, Ceramics, Polymers;Machine design and analysis;Materials synthesis and processing;Vibration and acoustics;Quality control and management;TEMT 2019