Advancements in Bio-systems and Technologies for Wastewater Treatment

Advancements in Bio-systems and Technologies for Wastewater Treatment

Mathuriya, Abhilasha Singh; Ray, Subhasree; Pandit, Soumya; Jadhav, Dipak Ashok; Kumar, Lakhan

Springer International Publishing AG





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Microbial electrochemical systems.- Membrane Bioreactor.- Electro-Fenton Assisted Bioprocesses.- Bio-Desalination techniques.- Anaerobic biodigesters.- Thermophilic digesters.- Constructed wetland and submerged aquatic plants .- Activated Sludge Process.- Upflow anaerobic sludge blanket.- Biological Aerated filters.- Fluidized bed reactor.- Trickling Bed Bioreactors.- Algal bioreactors for autotrophic and mixotrophic biomass production.- Hydrogen producing bioreactor.- Anaerobic Sequencing Batch Reactors for Biohydrogen production.-Sequential batch bioreactors .- Advanced oxidation bioprocesses.- Hybrid bioreactors.- Anammox.- Life Cycle assesment of Bioreactors.- Advanced technologies in wastewater treatment and resource recovery (Chanchal Majumder).
Wastewater;Pollutant Removal;Bioreactor;COD Removal;Anaerobic Digester;Activated Sludge Process