Advanced Materials Processing and Manufacturing Engineering

Advanced Materials Processing and Manufacturing Engineering

Du, Ruxu; Jung, Dong Won; Lau, Alan Kin Tak; Chen, Zhanwen

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Preface AMRMT & MSME 2021
Preface ICMMPM 2021
Chapter 1: Materials Synthesis and Processing Technologies
Fabrication of Titanium Coatings for Medical Device Applications
The Effect of Laser Focus Shift on the Morphology of Melt Pool and Microstructure in Selective Laser Melting AlSi10Mg
Tensile Properties of Additively Manufactured Continuous Glass Fiber Reinforced Onyx
Synthesis of Graphene/Silver/Molybdenum Disulphide Composite for Supercapacitor Application
Interfacial Phenomena and Microstructure of Copper/Steel Bimetal Structure Produced by a New Hybrid Additive Manufacturing Process Combining Selective Laser Melting and Directed Energy Deposition
Microstructure and Tensile Properties of Nickel-aluminum Bronze Coatings on Stainless Steel SUS630
Chapter 2: Properties and Application of Materials
Research on Tribological Performance of Inconel 625 with Micro-textures
Application of Modified CNFs in High Energy Nitramine Gun Propellant
Austenite Grain Growth Law of High-strength Steel for Offshore Engineering
Coarse-graining Mean and Displacement of Granular Matter
Effects of Oxygen Vacancy and Al-Ag doping on Electrical Properties of ZnO Resistance Valve
Experimental Study on Sliding bearing of Sink Roll in Galvanizing Line
Synthesis and Photocatalytic Application of Mn3O4/CdS Composite
Chapter 3: Metal Material Processes and Manufacturing
Numerical Analysis Growth Kinetics of Dendrite Tip during Laser Welding Nickel-Based Single-Crystal Superalloy Part I: Supersaturation-Driven Dendrite Growth
Numerical Analysis of Nucleation and Growth of Stray Grain Formation during Laser Welding Nickel-Based Single-Crystal Superalloy Part I: Morphology and Size of Dendrite Growth
Research Progress in Thermal Conductivity of Polymer Matrix Composites
Research on the Influence of the Pitch of the Spiral Toolpath on the Forming Quality of Single Point Increment Forming
Developing Methods of Forming Sheet Materials Using Incremental Forming
Incremental Sheet Forming Simulation of Aluminum Alloys for Industry Level Production
Effect of Manufacturing Parameters on the Physical and Dimensional Properties of Single Jersey and Lycra Single Jersey Fabric
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Additive Manufacturing;Alloy;Coating;Composite;Electrical Properties;Grain Growth;Graphene;Mechanical Properties;Nanomaterials;Photocatalysis;Polymer;Steel;Synthesis;Tribological Properties