Advanced Engineering Forum Vol. 45

Advanced Engineering Forum Vol. 45

Filippov, Dmitriy

Trans Tech Publications Ltd






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Chapter 1: Transport Network Development in the Permafrost Zone
Regional Differentiation of Transport Accessibility in the Northern Region
The Northern Sea Route: New Development Trajectories Require Innovative Approaches
Special Aspects of Construction and Operation of Winter Roads in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
The Cold Season Thermal Regime Changes in the Arctic Zone of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
GIS Applications for Rail Transport in Yakutia
Assessment of the Throughput and Stability of Highways in the Permafrost Zone on the Example of the City of Yakutsk
Modernization of River Passenger Ships in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
Transport Network of the Yakut Arctic - Geographical Features and Development Problems
"Small Northern Sea Route" in the Structure of the Marine Transport System of the Russian Arctic
Chapter 2: Road Construction in the Permafrost Zone
Ensuring Road and Transport Construction Using Qualitative Local Construction Materials
Analysis of Temperature Cracking of Asphalt Concrete Pavements during the First Winter Period of Operation at Low Temperatures
Improvement of the Construction Technology of Corrugated Metal Culverts in the Condition of Permafrost
The Analysis of the Existing Design Solutions for Corrugated Metal Culverts in the Condition of Permafrost
Determination of Road Construction Terms in 1 Road-Climate Zone 2 Subzone Basedon Probabilistic and Statistical Approach
Chapter 3: Machinery and Machine Parts
Evaluation of Effective Machinery Utilization for Managing Machine and Tractor Fleets
Study and Intensification of Recovery of Plunger Pairs by Electrolytic Chromium Plating
Investigation of Reliability Provided by a Crank Mechanism
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Agricultural Machinery;Arctic Zone;Asphalt Concrete;Building Materials;Marine Transport;Permafrost Zone;Railway;Road Engineering;Transport Network;Wear Resistance