Advanced Engineering Forum Vol. 45

Advanced Engineering Forum Vol. 45


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The Effects of Spin-Coating Rate on Surface Roughness, Thickness, and Electrochemical Properties of a Pt Polymer Counter Electrode Effect of Aqueous Extracts of Leaves, Stem and Seed of Azadirachta indica on Corrosion Inhibition of Mild Steels in Acidic Medium A Numerical Simulation of UIC60 Rail-Weld's Fatigue and Crack Growth under Wheel Frictional Contact and Bending Morphing Air Foil NACA 6412 Inverted Using Flexure Hinges Conceptual Design: High-Voltage Transformer New Formula for Calculating Local Scour around Bridge Piers Comparative Study between Two Substrates of Constructed Wetlands in the Treatment of Domestic Wastewater in Arid Regions Optimization of University Campus Microgrid for Cost Reduction: A Case Study A Cloud-Fog Continuum Computing Architecture for Cyber-Manufacturing Systems
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Biological Filter;Bridge Pier;Cloud Computing;Constructed Wetland;Corrosion Inhibition;Counter Electrode;Cyber-Manufacturing System;Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell;Electrochemical Impedance;Electrodynamic Actuator;Flexure Hinge;Fracture Mechanics