Accelerated Plant Breeding, Volume 4

Accelerated Plant Breeding, Volume 4

Oil Crops

Gosal, Satbir Singh; Wani, Shabir Hussain

Springer Nature Switzerland AG






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1 Breeding Major Oilseed Crops: Prospects and Future Research Needs.- 2 Accelerating Soybean Improvement Through Genomics-Assisted Breeding.- 3 Genetic Enhancement of Groundnut: Current Status and Future Prospects.- 4 Recent Advances in Genetics, Genomics and Breeding for Nutritional Quality in Groundnut.- 5 Accelerated Breeding for Brassica Crops.- 6 Achieving Genetic Gain for Yield, Quality and Stress Resistance in Oilseed Brassicas through Accelerated.- 7 Genomic-Assisted Breeding for Enhanced Harvest-Able (Pod) and Consumable (Seed) Product, Yield Productivity in Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.).- 8 Genomics-Assisted Breeding for Resistance to Leaf Spots and Rust Diseases in Peanut.- 9 Safflower Improvement: Conventional Breeding and Biotechnological Approach.- 10 Enhancing Genetic Gain in Coconut: Conventional, Molecular and Genomics-Based Breeding Approaches.- 11 Biotechnological Approaches for Genetic Improvement of Castor Bean (Ricinus communis L.).- 12 Genetic and Molecular Technologies for Achieving High Productivity and Improved Quality in Sunflower.- 13 Genomic Cross Prediction for Linseed Improvement.- 14 Biotechnological Interventions for Improving Cottonseed Oil Attributes.-15 Advances in Classical and Molecular Breeding in Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.).
Accelerated breeding;Marker assisted selection;Transgenic breeding;Genomic selection;High-throughput genotyping/phenotyping;Oil Seeds Production